Arkansas ScholarsTM

Looking for a way to develop cooperation between schools and businesses, as well as motivate high school students to work harder and make better grades? The answer could be Arkansas ScholarsTM, a program supported by the Arkansas Business & Education Alliance (ABEA).

Arkanasas Scholars Arkansas Scholars has a track record and strong evidence of success. It has operated in Independence County for several years, and over 90 Arkansas school districts have now adopted Arkansas Scholars.

The Arkansas Scholars program encourages academic achievement by high school students (grades 9 - 12). It begins with in-class presentations by local business leaders to second semester eighth graders. Through a PowerPoint presentation and discussion, these students are told what businesses look for in employees, salaries for various jobs, and the importance of doing well in school.

For more information please click here, or call 870-866-7673.

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